My name is Bill, but a lot of my friends call me ‘TheMadman’ due to my penchant for coming up with new ideas and innovative ways to make money online (okay, maybe there are also some other reasons I earned this nickname, but those are not relevant to this blog).

I started developing websites in 1997 and without knowing too much stumbled onto online dating.  I created a small network of online dating sites that were mainly affiliate sites for Match.com (and their predecessor OneandOnly.com) and quickly became one of their top 20 affiliates.

After realizing how huge the potential of various affiliate sites and strategies was, I began to explore other money making ideas, which I will tell you about through this blog.

Now, some of them worked and some of them did not, but I hope to help you avoid the same mistakes I made and get to the point where you are earning money online consistently.

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