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No, folks the title of this post is not a joke. Just like many other new Bloggers, I am trying to get this site noticed. One of the things that I believe is important is to network with other blogs in your niche. This can be done in several different ways. One, which I would recommend, is leaving useful comments on other related blogs. This can get your site noticed because people who like what you have to say may come by to see what this interesting ‘commentor’ is all about.

Another idea that I have read on other people’s blogs is to do something unique and creative – basically, to think ‘Outside the Box’. Well, this is certainly one I haven’t seen before. My idea is to let other blog owners advertise for free on this blog. You heard me right – advertise for FREE!

The first question you may be asking yourself is:

Why would I want to advertise – even for free – on such a new blog? It can hardly be receiving any traffic. Well, that’s true, but this site still gets about 10-15 unique visitors per day. In addition, I post frequently and fully expect that my daily visitors and RSS subscribers will increase during the time you are advertising on this site. Perhaps they will increase dramatically and you will be the beneficiary of this.

How long will this last? Again, I haven’t thought that much about it, but at least a couple months. If I like you and your blog, maybe I’ll just keep your advertisement up indefinitely. Maybe this site will become bigger than John Chow’s head and then you can say that you are paying NOTHING to have your banner on such a popular and heavily trafficked site.

What type of advertisement can it be? It must be a 125×125 banner ad ONLY. It will go into rotation with the other 125×125 banners to the right.

How many free advertisers will I allow? Well, three of the existing ads are my affiliate programs (which I want to keep up), but I could add a third row of three 125×125 banners, so six free advertisements in all.

How is it going to work, what are the details? I am just kind of cooking them up as I go along, but here is what I have come up with so far. In order to advertise on this blog for FREE, you must do the following:

1) Leave a useful comment below this post having something to do with this blog. It must be a few sentences long and may be either a comment related to a recent post, constructive criticism, or something of that nature. Include your link so I can check out your blog.

2) Join my RSS Feed

3) Add to your BlogRoll

4) Send an email to killerincome @ with the subject: Advertise for Free

I will determine which six advertisers I allow to advertise for free on by how accurately you follow the above instructions, how useful I find your blog, and how detailed the comment(s) are that you leave on this blog.

Once you are selected, you must provide the URL of your 125×125 banner (please host this on your site) via email, as well as the URL that you would like your advertisement to link to.  One final note: sites that promote hatred, pornography, gambling, or drugs will not be considered.

Happy Advertising!

4 thoughts on “Advertise for Free on”

  1. I really like the way you’ve set this offer up. You’re getting RSS Subscribers, a link back, and comments and I think that is absolute genious 🙂

    It’s definately a good way to get visitors to come back to your site, and I think I might even try something like this on my site.

    Keep up the fab work! I’ll be back 🙂

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  3. Thank you very much for the comments. The only problem is that I haven’t had anyone take me up on this offer yet – LOL! (Oops, better check my email – maybe you did 🙂 )

    Please stop by again–Madman

  4. Bill, you have a new subscriber. I am wondering of the offer is still available.

    You know I’m just betting that you could be good as John Chow’s. When the time comes, forget me not.

    I have sent you an email and added you to my blogroll too.

    I wish you success to your blog.

  5. well I would think this would be a great idea, you might want to take this into consideration too, to exchange ad space, menting you place an ad on my site and I place an ad on your site for free.

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