Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics – Introduction

This article will look at some of the basics of affiliate marketing online, including common questions asked by those who are new to affiliate marketing and the answers to those questions that can help anyone succeed at making money using proven affiliate marketing techniques.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the selling of other people’s goods and/or services for a commission, which is usually some percentage of the price paid for the purchase of those goods or services.

What are Some Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

The benefits of affiliate marketing are that you, as the affiliate, have no overhead. Namely, you are not responsible for storing the products that you sell, nor are you responsible for shipping these products or providing customer service, such as answering customer questions or fielding customer complaints.

What are Referrals?

A referral is when a visitor from your website clicks through to the website of the company with which you are affiliated, using a special link – called an affiliate link – that contains a special code to indicate to the company who any sale should be attributed to. Each affiliate is assigned a unique code, called an affiliate id, upon being accepted into a particular company’s affiliate program. Your affiliate id for every company for which you are an affiliate is a unique identifier that no other affiliates for that same company have and it is used to credit the correct affiliate for any sale transacted.

What are Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate networks are large networks of advertisers, all of whom offer affiliate programs, that make it convenient for affiliates to find specific products to promote and advertisers with which to affiliate. Affiliate networks provide tools that facilitate searching many advertisers to find the exact types of products affiliates wish to promote, as well as finding the specific advertisers who offer those products. Affiliate networks also provide a centralized location for affiliates to monitor their sales, check their statistics, and pool affiliate income earned from all of the different advertisers who are members of the network.

Can you Provide Some Examples of Large or Popular Affiliate Networks?

Sure! The most popular affiliate networks include, Commission Junction, Linkshare, and ClickBank. On any of these aforementioned networks, you should be able to find numerous advertisers who offer some type of product or service that is relevant to your blog or website.

What if I don’t have my Own Website?

Unfortunately many advertisers no longer accept affiliates who do not have their own website on their own domain. Typically, affiliates who use freely hosted websites may not qualify for many of the better and more popular affiliate programs. Another obstacle, is that it may be difficult to promote a website that is not hosted on it’s own domain, simply because many directories – such as the Open Directpry Project ( – do not list websites that are not hosted on their own domains. In addition, it may be diffiult to find linking partners if you do not have your own website and domain name with hosting.

Where Can I Register a Domain Name for my Affiliate Website?

There are plenty of online services, called Registrars, where you can find and register a domain name for your affiliate website. One of the most reliable and economical registrars is GoDaddy. You may have seen their ads during this year’s Super Bowl between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have several of my affiliate sites hosted on domains that I purchased at GoDaddy, although not since I purchased this domain from a different Registrar prior to finding GoDaddy and comparing prices.

I Have a Domain but am Unsure About Hosting for my Affiliate Site

Once you have a domain, it is really a simple matter to find a web hosting provider for your affiliate site. For 99% of all affiliate maketers, shared web hosting is the type of hosting plan that is the most economical., as well as the majority of my other affiliate sites, use HostGator Shared Web Hosting.

Where can I get Help Setting Up Hosting for my Affiliate Site?

The first place to check is right here on Our tutorial, Web Hosting for Absolute Beginners, will walk you through the process of registering a domain name, obtaining hosting, and setting up your first affiliate site. If you have any questions you can post them in the comments section of the tutorial mentioned above and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’m Still Uncomfortable with the Process of Setting Up my Own Website, are there any Good Services you can Recommend that can make the Process of Setting Up My Own Affiliate Site Easier?

Absolutely! There is an all-in-one affiliate solution that can really simplify the process of domain name registration, setting up web hosting, and designing and promoting an affiliate site. This service is called Site-Build-It and it is one of the best affiliate marketing solutions for beginners that I have ever seen. I can’t really do all of the features justice in this article, alone, so I would suggest you take the Site-Build-It Video Tour to determine if this is a tool that would make sense for you.

Where Can I go Next to Find Out More About Affiliate Marketing?

The next step is probably to take the FREE Affiliate Masters Course, which is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing courses online. This course will take you from a beginner, to an intermediate, to an advanced affiliate marketer in no time.

Are there any Other Useful Resources on for Beginner Affiliate Marketers?

One section of this website that I would recommend is our tutorial page on some of the Fundamental Concepts of Affiliate Marketing, including How to Presell. This article goes beyond the basics of affiliate marketing and is a good complement to the FREE Affiliate Masters Course mentioned above.

In addition, over the next few months, will be providing many more comprehensive articles on affiliate marketing, including more articles aimed at beginning affiliate marketers, as well as intermediate and expert articles too.

In Conclusion

So, no matter your level of affiliate marketing expertise there is no reason not to try this lucrative and exciting way to make money online. Now that you have answers to some of the most common, basic affiliate marketing questions, check out some of the resources mentioned above.

Take the FREE Affiliate Masters Course and come back here to check out some of the latest affiliate marketing articles to help you not only get started with affiliate marketing, but advance your current affiliate marketing efforts, explore new ideas, and take your income beyond its current level to the Killer Income level.


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