10 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money
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Most bloggers go into this business just for pleasure. They have a talent and want to have a place to put it to life. So, making no revenue is not an issue for them, they have other jobs they do for money and they view their blog as a place where they can share their knowledge and find people who see things the same way.

Nevertheless, there are individuals who started their blogs hoping that they would be able to make money out of their writing skills and valuable experiences. But no matter how hard they try and how many times a day they post something, they get little to no revenue. Why is it so and how can one fix the errors in their blog which led them to such a disastrous situation?

In this article, we will show you ten things which, when fixed, can make your blog profitable. So, get ready to learn something really important and read on.

10 things which prevent you from making money with your blog

1. Content.

It is the core of any blog: people only visit your blog to find useful information. In case they do not find it, they will not waste any time on your blog. So, the first thing you should check is how good your content is. Is it useful? Is it original? Can you say that you offer some unique information no one else in the niche knows?

If the answer to these questions is no, then focus on fixing this error. Concentrate on writing articles that you would like to read if you were a potential visitor. Otherwise, you will get stuck and get no money for all the time you spend on promotion of your blog.

2. Design.

Of course, we all strive to read useful information, but if it is presented in some small fonts and everything on the website lacks taste, then it’s probably not your best decision. Sometimes the content is not the issue and readers would gladly subscribe to your blog but you make it impossible for them to get through the horrible design and not get tired, so they leave. Therefore, make sure to create a beautiful layout with easy-to-read fonts and eye-catching images.

3. Lack of traffic.

To get revenue, you need traffic. And if you have little to no visitors on your blog on a regular basis, then you will probably get no revenue. How can you improve this situation?

By attracting more readers with proper advertising campaigns, different SEO practices, and excellent blogging techniques. You can read more about it online. For now, just bear in mind that the core of this issue lies in the fact that you have no traffic on your blog.

4. The absence of subscriptions.

The process of conversion of random visitors to regular readers depends on them subscribing to your blog’s news. You can sell more, promote your product and make yourself known and loved if you have an extensive list of subscribers.

However, you might only have a few friends subscribed to your blog. To fix it, you should make the process of subscription really easy and offer some reward to every subscriber. All in all, you can gain more subscriptions with these simple steps.

5. Unscheduled posting.

There is magic in making your readers wait for your next post. For instance, you can make Tuesday a day when they should expect some technical analysis while Friday can be your product review day.

When you have a schedule and you try to post regularly, then you are more likely to make money with your blog. Posting only when the inspiration strikes does nothing of the sort. Keep this in mind.

6. Target audience.

It is important that you realize who your target audience is. You should focus on delivering information which is of much interest to certain people. You should share your values and opinions. This will keep readers interested and your content always topical for them. So, do not lose focus of your audience.

7. Niche.

There might be nothing wrong with your content, design, and even subscription forms. The thing is that some niches bring no revenue. Either they are too small, or the matters people talk about in them are too insignificant, so in the end of the day, you end up spending a lot of time writing quality content and get no money for it. Look into your niche carefully and see whether it is profitable.

8. Too much advertising.

If your readers feel like you only want to make money on them, they will leave. That is for sure. Do not try just to sell things (even though that is one of the main reasons you are in blogging business). Keep it smart and remember to offer useful information when writing posts for your readers.

9. Lost vision.

Sometimes readers find it hard to follow the author’s vision because they jump from one topic to another too often. Not only one can lose their subscribers this way but they also end up making no money and only catching the attention of random visitors.

So, before anything else, make sure you remain true to the central vision of your website. If you aimed to deliver quality content on one topic, then that is what you should do.

10. No social media profiles.

Social media is where the people are these days. They spend hours talking to their friends online and sharing information there. They search for answers and offer their opinions online.

So, if you want to be noticed, you should be present there. Depending on your target audience, you should pick the right social network, though. So, among the great variety of them, pay attention only to one or two and post there regularly.

If you want to promote your blog and turn it from a time-consuming hobby into a profitable job, then use our simple tips for better results. And share with us how they worked for you, we would love to hear your story!

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