Building Profitable Online Dating Affiliate Sites

Although I am new to WordPress blogging and as of yet unfamiliar with all of the intricacies of customizing a WordPress website (such as how to create really cool sidebars and a unique logo for the masthead), I am not new to creating profitable online dating affiliate sites. If you have not read My Story, that post sheds some light as to how I became involved with affiliate marketing and with online dating in particular.  Unlike some other bloggers who do not divulge the URLs of their ‘other’ websites, it is my intention through this blog to take my readers (what readers?) along on exactly what I am doing to earn money from my network of affiliate sites.

Probably, aside from this blog, the site that I devote the majority of my current time to is my online dating site Although I’ve mentioned previously that I – at this time – do NOT earn Killer Income online, my dating site is probably the site of which I am most proud and is my highest earning active affiliate site. I will provide a full earnings report to include a breakdown of each of my website’s earnings, including this blog, once the month is over and at the end of each subsequent month going forward.

Many people feel that there is too much competition in the dating niche and that it is ‘impossible’ to rank for competitve keywords without spending a bundle. ranks #13 out of over 8 million for the term ‘online personals’ and also has decent rankings for several other mildly competitive dating and personals related search terms.  That is FREE search engine traffic. The site has a Google Pagerank of only 2, but it still manages to pull in approximately 70-80 unique visitors per day.

I realize that 70-80 visitors is not a lot, but I believe it is a good foundation from which to expand.  I have only been developing the site for the past 6-8 months and have not really worked that hard on it. It makes me a little money, traffic is gradually increasing and it’s Alexa rank is slowly getting better (although it still kinda sucks). The site earns money through affiliate programs, mainly those of, Friendfinder, and Yahoo Personals.  I also promote several niche dating sites in key areas on that website and these have been well received by my visitors thus far. Ultimately, I would like to expand to take on private advertisers, but the site must grow a lot prior to this.

So what magic am I employing to achieve rankings for competitive keywords in Google and a whopping 70-80 visitors per day? Really no magic at all.  My efforts include simply writing fresh, original content and performing link exchanges with other sites in the online dating niche.  I do only manual link exchanges, the kind where you submit your website to another via a form or the kind where you kindly email the webmaster and request an exchange. I have a knack for writing dating articles uniquely suited to the search terms I am targeting, but do not use any sophisticated tools, such as Keyword Density Analyzers or anything like that. You can check out my latest original article, the Ten Most Common Online Dating Mistakes that online daters make.  Ultimately, the keywords I am targeting with that article are: ‘online dating mistakes’, ‘dating mistakes’, ‘pitfalls of online dating’, ‘avoiding online dating mistakes’ etc.  None of these keywords is incredibly competitive, but I believe each should bring in a little traffic.  We’ll see once the article gets indexed.

You might think that all of the above is a lot of work – and it is, but what I found is that it takes some good old fashioned elbow grease to achieve any type of success online.  So whether you are trying to earn money by blogging or with an affiliate site like mine or by using a combination of the two techniques, what I have found is that there is really no shortcut (assuming you do not have connections to some very prominent sites that you could have link to you) to achieving success online. It just takes patience, time and hard work.

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