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How Your Company Logo Can Boost Conversion Rates

How Your Company Logo Can Boost Conversion Rates
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A good friend who owns a small digital marketing company grumbled a few days ago that his site truly isn’t really worth the percentage of profit it generates.

Some estimates state that most of the small company sites cannot earn money. It’s obvious that nowadays there is a significant issue with small companies being used as sales tools.

At a time when is essential to ensure conversions, it’s all the fault of the first encounter. No matter the type of business you’re engaged (or even if you are planning to start one), the issue, in a nutshell, is the absence of trust on the business behind the site.

The most important step is when people take that initial glimpse of your website, if you don’t show off like a reliable company, you won’t get those precious converts.

Reliable Company Logos Add Trust

Current studies concluded that the business logo design can increase (or decline) conversion rates in the initial look of the business site. For many first-time visitors to a brand-new site, the business logo design embodies the business’ image. The business logo design on the web page (aka landing page) needs to generate trust or the visitor will leave almost instantly.

In truth, many sites lose visitors instead of transforming visitors into consumers in the beginning look. Small company sites, which are usually unidentified to the visitor, loose over 90 percent or more visitors within a couple of seconds upon landing on a site.

Websites at first Glimpse

What occurs when visitors click on a site for the first time? In this brief period, visitors don’t have much time to check out anything about the website.

Like most perception at an early phase, site impressions are a visual thing. What is going on? The research concludes that individuals would like to know whether the business behind the site is reputable or not in a second.

Visitors are trying to find knowledge on the Googled topic and trust what the business can provide. All in a blink of the eye!

First Glance Web Optimization

When you enter the ‘first glance web optimization”, all the credibility depends on the interaction depends on the logo design. It must communicate trust and competence behind the business it represents.

Trust and competence together indicate “reliable” which is very important when it concerns site persuasion objectives. Simply being “liked” isn’t enough when the objective is making a sale.

Many experts call first glance impressions jumping to conclusions as “adaptive unconscious” or “thin slicing.” Adaptive unconscious research studies analyze how we reason intuitively in a second as opposed to mindful consideration and analysis.

Hence the term “thin slicing”. We utilize our adaptive unconscious systems to make judgments initially glance. It is our “suspicion” about something or somebody. On a site, this is “very first glimpse” web turn on, or shut off.

Site First Glance “Thin Slicing”

Like other first time encounters, the visitor and supplier on a site do not have an individual relationship or history together. The visitor makes a very first look assessment on what details, usually visual, are offered. This is mainly based on the business logo design and the style of the web page. Otherwise, the supplier is faceless.

Credibility-based Logo Design

The business logo design can be a reliable face when prepared and developed properly. Competence and trustworthy are the two most important characteristics for any business. For example, if you have a house painting business, your logo’s primary significance has to be “home” and “painting”.

You have to communicate a “credible” message while also keeping it stylish. The “reliable” characteristics have to effectively show throughout the design. That’s the essence of credibility-based logo design.

Credibility-base Home Page Design

The business home page has to be developed accordingly to communicate the very same trustworthiness characteristics as the business logo design. Logo designs and web pages are viewed nearly at the same time.

Hence, the business credibility-based logo style and the home page style should be coherent with each other. For instance, the logo design can not have a modern style and the web page an outdated style.


The bottom line with first site impressions is that the visitor views a credibility-based logo design and home page so he can continue with the site’s experience. Impressions are essential to achieving trustworthiness and continued visitor conversions.

Stanford University has actually been looking into web trustworthiness for numerous years under the management of Dr. BJ Fogg.

The research study was focused mainly on web reliability from practical points of view such as easy navigation, no mistakes, and revealing business reliability with an address and owner’s picture.

New research studies support that first glimpse web optimization can increase conversion rates using a credibility-based business logo design along with a matching credibility-based business web page.

Even more, research concludes that a minimum of 4 times as many visitors end up being consumers when there is a credibility-based logo design and web page compared with business logo designs and web page style which are not credibility-based.

Utilizing the business logo design to communicate reliability is the brand-new specific niche in site styling.

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