Custom Writing Services: Are They Worth the Money?

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Custom writing services for students have been out there for quite some time now, and even though many people argue about the moral and legal aspects of using these companies, the businesses are still striving. So, what’s in it for the students and are these services actually worth the risks and the money?

Let’s take a quick look at some pros and cons of ordering a custom academic paper.

The Upside

To sweeten the pill a bit, let’s start with the pluses. The perks of ordering custom papers seem to be obvious:

You get a plagiarism-free assignment.  Even though many people call custom written papers plagiarized — technically, they are not. The correct term would be ghost written or custom written. Such papers pass all plagiarism-software checks because even though they were not written by you, they were written for you — from scratch.

You save plenty of time and effort.  Obviously. Contacting a particular custom writing service will be the biggest effort on your side — and the management will take the rest from there.

Your paper is written by a professional.  Most writers working for custom academic services already have their degrees in particular subjects. True, some of them may still be grad students, but if you need a high school paper on Frankenstein or Hamlet, their qualifications are still more than enough for you.

And, as you might have guessed, each writer deals with a particular subject (a couple of subjects tops) and academic level(s). There is no ‘random’ assignment distribution in custom writing services.

Each paper goes through an extensive quality check.  Next, every decent custom writing service has a department of writers and proofreaders, and most of the proofreaders are actually college and university professors. The paper is checked not only for grammar, content, and spelling but also for style.

The purpose of these extensive checks is to ensure that each work meets the exact academic requirements of a client.

The price is generally affordable.  Despite the enormous amount of work, most custom written papers are still quite affordable.

The Downside

Still, apart from an obvious moral dilemma behind ordering custom papers, there are a couple of other drawbacks you should know about:

The prices vary from one region to another.  While looking for a custom service, you will see that their fees may still vary — quite a lot. Some services, in fact, can be quite expensive.

The quality may vary as well. The sad truth is, most custom services do not pay their writers that much. So, even though the proofreaders are chosen very carefully, it is a common practice to downshift on the writers. Plus, these writers may come from anywhere across the globe, so if a writing service is registered in, say, England, it doesn’t mean all their writers are from England, too.

The completed paper may not match your writing style and academic qualifications.  Finally, even though the proofreaders ensure that each paper meets your academic qualifications, no one can guarantee that it matches your unique writing style.  So, if you have already submitted a number of independently written assignments to the same professor, chances are they may notice the difference when you bring in a ghostwritten work.

The Takeaway

So, are custom writing services worth the money and, if so, who could benefit from them? Here are several case scenarios when using a custom writing service may be worth or not worth the trouble.

Worth it if

You need a paper for one of the minor subjects. This way, you can save yourself a lot of trouble, get your solid B+ (or, often, even an A), and forget about this minor course once and for all. Let’s agree, the academy teaches a lot of stuff we will never use in the workplace.

You are an ESL student. Foreign students struggle with the high standard of academic papers way too much. Sure, it’s for their own benefit, but sometimes hiring a custom writer may be a good solution.

You combine study and work, or otherwise lack the time. Another obvious perk, especially when dealing with the minor subjects.

Not worth it if

You’re going to collaborate with the same teacher for quite some time. First of all, long-term collaboration with the same professor usually implies it is one of the major subjects we are talking about. And then again — in the long run, a teacher may notice inconsistencies in your writing.

Bottom line, there is no definite answer on whether the custom writing services are worth the money. Objectively speaking — yes, you will get what you are paying for. Still, if you are looking to build a long-term relationship with your professors, you might want to apply more effort and write your assignments independently.

But, of course, there is also a problem of time — especially for the students who work and study. So, like everything else in life, custom papers can be of great help — in certain circumstances.

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