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We have all heard the popular catchphrase ‘Don’t Blog for Money.’  I often wonder if anyone actually takes the time to consider the much deeper meaning behind this very popular saying.  I can tell you this: I DO BLOG FOR MONEY as I’m sure many of you do, as well.

I think one of the first ideas behind the catchphrase mentioned above is that if your only motivation for blogging is money, then you will not be successful. I don’t necessarily agree with this last statement, but there is a deeper meaning to it that can shed some light on why this may be true for some bloggers.

If your only motivation for blogging is money, you will view blogging as a chore, for example, and may not be motivated to continue.  You might view it as a chore if you do not enjoy writing or do not enjoy the subject around which your blog is based.

Perhaps you have read that travel related blogs are big earners and you decide to create a blog about travel so you can make six cents per click from Google Adsense instead of 2 cents per click and think that this will be your ticket to easy street.  Well, if travel is not your thing, you WILL grow tired of writing about it every day and if the sole reason you decided on a travel blog was money you probably will not succeed.

Earning money from a blog takes persistence and time and if you are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme this is definitely not it.  Perhaps you will become discouraged if your only motivation for blogging is money and you do not see your earnings rolling in like some other famous bloggers.

But how about this, DO BLOG FOR MONEY only go about it in the following manner:

1) Choose a topic that you find extremely interesting so that you are motivated to continue posting on the subject day after day and month after month.  Don’t let those stratosperic Adsense earnings that we all hear about influence your blog’s topic or niche. Let your love of the subject be your motivation.

2) Find or create a PURPOSE for your blog (other than making money) so that your blog will become synonymous with the purpose for which it was created and you and your blog will be seen as an authority on this particular subject. This will lead to better search engine rankings and more traffic. It will also position your blog well within its niche and when this happens others bloggers may reference (i.e. link) your blog.

3) Find other metrics by which to gauge your blogs growth (i.e. success) other than monthly earnings, such as more RSS subscribers than last month, more pages indexed in Google, more traffic, and a lower (better) Alexa ranking.  These are all necessary BEFORE your blog can start earning money so let these be the metrics by which you measure your success.  If each of these is improving month over month, your blog earnings WILL increase.

Follow my advice above and then you can say, “I don’t blog for money. I blog because I enjoy it, I love my topic, my blog has a purpose that others find useful, I like to see my readership, traffic and Alexa stats improve every month and, oh yeah, I make money doing it.  Keep your priorities in this order and you will be a much happier and much more successful blogger.

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  1. Thanks for the response. I do not plan on using this monetization technique since Google’s latest stance on this issue is pretty negative.

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