Free Alternatives to the 20 Minute Payday System

By now many of you have heard of the 20 Minute Payday System offered by Russell Brunson. The claims made by the 20 minute payday sales page seem quite extraordinary as they profile a young Midwestern couple that supposedly makes over 100k per year ‘working’ only twenty minutes per day using the secret system offered in this sales package.

The first thing most people should be aware of is that internet marketing is hard – not technically hard, but difficult more from the standpoint of how labor intensive it is to become successful. It requires hard work to develop content-based websites that earn solid Google rankings over time.  It requires effort to build web pages on these sites that combine affiliate marketing offers with products that really do solve common problems or otherwise help improve someone’s experiences or lessen their learning curve when trying to conquer a new task or challenge.

Will you become rich working only 20 minutes each day using the 20 minute payday system? Most likely not. However if you are looking for a way to actually build a successful affiliate business online (or what I like to call an alternative to this 20 minute payday system) then here is a very, very high-level view of what you need to do:

Step 1) Build a website on a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

Step 2) Develop content-based pages related to the website topic as often as you can

Step 3) Start getting links from other websites on the same (or similar topic) – this can be done through link exchanges, posting on do-follow blogs and Yahoo Answers or by offering free content in exchange for an in-content link back to your website, and forum posting.

Step 4) For every page on the website you create, submit a DIFFERENT article on the same topic to Article Marketing directories

Step 5) Use an article spinning a distribution service to submit variations of the article you submitted to the article directories to various blogs and websites (make sure that there is a hyperlink back to the page you are promoting with the anchor text of the keyphrase that page is going after)

Step 6) Capture email addresses of the visitors who come to your site by offering some type of free product in exchange for signing up to your newsletter

Step 7) Periodically email to your mailing list any offers you may find enticing, but first build up trust with your subscribers by emailing them useful information they may not get anywhere else without trying to sell them something in every email.

Think that this takes 20 minutes per day? Hardly.

Anyway, good luck – I just saved you $37 dollars.

Affiliate marketing online takes hard work, and consistency that is measured in years. It is not achieved by working a few minutes per day as claimed in the 20 minute payday system.

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