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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring A Freelance or Dedicated Developer

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring A Freelance or Dedicated Developer
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In this highly competitive world of software development, a dedicated development team can easily acquire a position in the list of top 3 engagement models. It is often the first preference for many small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

A skilled and experienced dedicated development team can implement anything, from a corporate website to a mobile application. The team normally works on your project requirements with complete attention.

On the other hand, there are always several advantages of hiring a freelance developer. You can hire a freelance application developer, website developer and so forth, if you have website development or mobile application in mind, or if you are working in an application development company and need to reduce your work pressure.

In any case, there are many advantages of hiring a freelance developer. Let us dive deep into the topic, and see which one is best for your current projects.

Define Your Application Development Requirements First

Before you come to a decision, if you should hire a dedicated developer from an application development company or a freelancer, you should first define your application development requirements.

There are many different phases of the application development process. Thus, you should understand the requirements of your application development.

Let us check out the phases on which category your application requirements fall on:

  • If you are looking to turn your business into web or mobile and need a skilled developer to get it developed.
  • If you want to add few more features to your existing application or website.
  • If you are running a small business with some short-term projects and you do not have time to do yourself.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Or Dedicated Developer

Whatsoever your requirements are, there are certainly many benefits of hiring a freelance or dedicated web or app developer. Some of the benefits are:

  • Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness
  • Up-to-date skills and expertise
  • No need any hardware or software requirements
  • Get much beyond your basic requirements
  • Excellent turnaround time with freelance or dedicated team
  • Time to focus on core functions
  • No operational nightmares
  • Reduces stress of searching full-time developers

These are some of the reasons why the majority of small and medium-size companies prefer hiring dedicated or freelance development team in lieu of hiring an in-house team for their job.

How A Freelance And Dedicated Developer Work

You can hire a freelancer or dedicated developer depends on your requirements. An actual understanding of your development needs, budget as well as time will help you understand the category if you need a freelancer or dedicated one.
Let us see how they work so that you can come to a brief conclusion of choosing the best one.

How Freelancers Work

Generally, a freelance developer is hired to finish a particular project(s). They can make the clients’ relationship as well as timeframe straightforward.

Moreover, most of the time, they juggle with end number of clients at a time. Besides this, most of them spend their time in networking and marketing or finding new projects.

How Dedicated Developers Work

A dedicated developer is hired to work for a client from a company on a full-time basis. He or she is assigned for a specific project(s). They may either get paid on an hourly basis or by salary at the end of the month for the project(s) completed.

How to Choose A Freelancer And Dedicated Developer

Here, in this article, we have put together a list of six major differences to help you to choose the right developer for your project. Hope you will be inspired to do something that will help you to take decision easier.

Expertise Base

Dedicated developers are significant than freelance developers. The levels of expertise of dedicated developers are greater than freelancers. Though both of them work for their clients, but dedicated developers possess professional experience working with a company.

Level of Dedication

A freelance developer can work on multiple projects for multiple clients at a time, but a team of dedicated developers or one developer can only work on a single project for one client. So, the dedication level would be different and higher.

The Medium of Communication

A dedicated developer, who is associated with a company, must have real-time project management software. On the other hand, when you hire a freelance developer, you will have to collaborate directly to track the progress. So, you need time and energy to do it.


When you hire a dedicated developer for your project would be available only for your project, but when you hire a freelancer, he or she may work with other projects, so the availability would be less. A dedicated developer will always ready to work for your project anytime you need.

Level of Privacy and Protection

Protection of apps is one of the major issues in the time you are not doing any in-house development. It encompasses different things, like plans, data, business information, and trust. It is hard to say whether a freelancer or a dedicated developer will maintain these all.

But comparing with a freelancer, the dedicated person will maintain the privacy and protect your data better than a freelancer.


If you think about infrastructure, environment, communication facilities, capabilities, technologies and other important things that are needed for development, then a dedicated developer is ahead of a freelance developer because he is working for an agency and the setup is there to help your project requirements.

The communication and collaboration with a developer are essential if you hire a freelance developer or dedicated developer. So, when you talk about availability, your first preference would be a dedicated developer.

It is clearly seen that selecting a dedicated developer from a company is a better and reliable job than selecting a freelance developer. Moreover, whether you have a tight budget, hiring a freelance is beneficial for you.


There are many important things to know about hiring a freelance developer or dedicated developer. You should know the reasons of hiring, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Both have some advantages and disadvantages. You should think from the point of your organization, need for the projects, cost and flexibility. When you come to the perfect way, you will have a win-win situation.

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  • Nice article. I was thinking about hiring a freelance developer for my next project. Now can take the decision what to do. Good post.

  • There are many controversies happening these days about hiring a freelance developer and a dedicated developer. This article shows something different, and the objective it shows is, the pros and cons of hiring freelance and dedicated developer. Good job. Keep it up!

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