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Do really local search rankings are greatly impacted by the reviews?

Do really local search rankings are greatly impacted by the reviews?
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Online reviews have increased in significance over the past couple of years. Businesses are well aware of the change; they know that positive reviews have a great influence on their reputation.

But there are local business owners that still don’t realize how important it is to have qualitative reviews on their social media and website. In a 2013 analysis done by Moz, it looks like local search rankings are greatly impacted by the reviews website receive from their customers.

Where do I need to be to receive and gather reviews?

To collect reviews that matter for your business, you need a Google+ Business page. It’s equally important to keep other channels in check.

As of 2014, the reviews we’ve gotten ourselves used to are integrated into the Yahoo interface. If you want people to find your business, your Yelp reviews must be properly curated and fostered.

Recently, Google eliminated left hand sidebars of listings, making its all-time famous new maps interface universal. The decision was taken in an attempt to provide users with location-oriented search experiences. At this point, businesses with review structures that are properly fostered seem larger, and paid listing can be viewed as purple dots.

The importance of having a review acquisitions strategy

Prior to settling on a strategy a craft a review acquisition strategy, it might seem like a good idea to decide on the review platforms that best fit your business. The steps you need to take are fairly simple. Head to Google and type “[Industry] and reviews”. Then assess the first websites that pop up. You can do a test and see what comes up for “sunglasses store reviews”.

It might be good to know that some review platforms feature exclusive reviews; whereas other platforms choose to have their reviews indexed in search engines. It’s equally important to keep in mind that each platform features its own rules and regulations for reviews.

Yelp, for example, doesn’t allow businesses to solicit online reviews; if you do it, the platform will instantly notice that something is not right. You risk getting your account suspended.

Online reputation management

How do you respond to negative reviews on the web? It might be best to start by setting up Google Alerts. This way, you’ll get notifications every time someone mentions your the name of your business.

Oftentimes, negative reviews can’t be avoided. Sooner or later, you’ll stumble upon unhappy customers. Don’t take things personally, and under no circumstances lash out at the person who gave you the bad comment.

Reviews are meant to be both positive and negative. You can’t please everyone, even if you have a good product that’s worth buying. Rather than allow your emotions to get the best of you, find a way to deal with negative comments in a positive way.

Treat reviews as a conversation

Any type of review should be treated as a conversation. Have a goal in mind: which should be to find mutual ground, and fix an issue not to get into a fight. Find the root cause of a customer’s disatisfaction, and always aim to help.

Negative reviews should be seen as catalysts for improvements and fostering internal conversations. Find a way to get at the bottom of the issue, and whatever you do, don’t lash out at the customer.

Reviews foster user-generated content

You never have enough content, and reviews are a great idea to populate your social media channels, and website with people’s personal opinions. User-generated content that comes from the people can have incredible influence.

When responding to reviews, it might be a good idea to use long-tail keywords to make your content SEO-friendly. Don’t force the phrases into the text, and make sure the content has a consistent flow.

Whether you like it or not, reviews affect local search rankings. It’s SEO done differently, and it can have a serious effect on your website’s PR rank.

If you can’t do it on your own, it might be a good idea to consult with a web design agency London for some guidance. Professionals in the industry always know what’s best for you; and their approach is completely different, because they have the experience you don’t to keep your online business on the floating line.

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