My Motivation for Creating

Some people have asked me why I decided to start a blog and since I received this question more than a few times, I thought it would make a pretty good (and timely) post topic. By discussing my motivation I thought I could possibly inspire some of you to find your own motivation for doing something online, whether it be a money-making endeavor like this blog or simply an outlet to express your creativity in whichever medium you choose.

Like me, I’m sure many of you follow the popular blogs in the make money online niche and just sit there day after day wishing you could earn that kind of money.  Well, I decided to stop wishing and start writing, but I can tell you that the money is not my main motivation nor main source of inspiration.

I am motivated by trying to create something of value for my readers (someday maybe I’ll even have have some 🙂 ) and I am really looking forward to the first time I receive a positive response to one of my articles. My goals for this site are to allow my readers some insight into what I am doing to earn money online, both, through this blog and through my other websites so that you can follow along. 

As someone who is new to WordPress blogging (but not new to website development or affiliate marketing), I am documenting everything I do to this blog through my posts so that other beginning WordPress bloggers can follow along and do the same things to their new WordPress websites. I do not claim to know everything and would really appreciate feedback from those of you who are more experienced than me.  As I’m sure I’ve said elsewhere on this site, “Killer Income” is the GOAL, it is something I aspire to, but it’s not my main source of motivation; providing value to my readers through sharing the steps I am taking to become successful online, is.

Also, I would be lying if I said that the money that can be made was not a source of motivation for me because it is (even though it is not my main source of motivation), but it is a more indirect motivating factor.  My inspiration does not come from the notion that I may be able to ulitimately make a lot of money just to have a lot of money, it is more what earning a substantial income online would do for my self-esteem, the general well-being of myself and family and my overall outlook on life. How awesome to create something – practically out of thin air – from which others derive value, that can also be a source of support for myself and my family, possibly for many years to come.

I am also motivated by the fact that the income that may eventually be produced from this blog, as well as my other websites, will be a direct result of the value I provide, as opposed to some arbitrary hourly rate that is not at all a function of how well I currently perform my 9-to-5 job.

I am further motivated by the potential freedom that earning a living online could someday provide.  That freedom will ultimately allow me to enjoy life more and have the time to increase the value that this blog provides by posting more often and interacting with my readers on a more regular basis than I would ever be able to do while working a regular job and commuting almost two hours every day.

I am motivated by seeing my ideas and creativity expressed on this website and I am certainly motivated by the idea that my posts, articles and ideas may someday become a source of motivation, inspiration, and education for others who happen by.

So think about what motivates you, but be sure to also act on it.  Once a person becomes inspired there is no telling how far they will go!

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