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Although I have alluded to my ‘other sites’ and even mentioned one or two of my affiliate marketing websites in prior posts, I never really mentioned all of my sites.  This post is to let my readers know what my other sites are. I felt this post was overdue, especially since the end of the month is fast approaching and in about a day or so I will be posting my first Blog and Website Network Income Report. In that report, I will be mentioning my other sites so I felt it would be appropriate to at least let everyone know what they are before then!

Web Personals OnlineWebPersonalsOnline.com
This is my online dating site. I have had it for about a year and a half.  I got started with internet marketing in the online dating arena and so it continues to hold a special place in my heart. I started this site from scratch and developed it completely myself using FrontPage. It is mainly an affiliate site of Match.com, Yahoo Personals and sites in the Friendfinder affiliate network, along with some niche dating sites. It’s unique selling proposition (and I use that term loosely 🙂 ) is that, unlike other dating affiliate sites, it is not merely a review of the big affiliate sites nor is it just a buch of links pages to other dating affiliate sites. This site is chock full of original online dating content created by yours truly. Does it make any money and how much? You’ll have to come back in a day or so after I post my first Income Report in which I will break down the earnings of all of my sites (including this blog) and review what I am doing right, the mistakes I have made, and what I can do better in order to bring my online earnings up to the next level.

Free Music VideosFreeMusicVideos.net
The name pretty much sums up what this site is all about. Visitors can watch free music videos. I purchased this site about one year ago mainly because I thought the domain name, although long, was pretty valuable compared to what the seller was asking for it. Since it came with a fully developed site, that was just a bonus.  The site is developed in wickedly sick PHP that is so far above my head it’s not funny. I do know *some* PHP as you’ll see from the next site in my network. The site makes use of RocketProfit and CD Universe affiliate programs, as well as Adsense. I don’t do anything to this site, users just copy and paste the music video codes into the MySpace or other social networking pages and the site gets a link back each time this is done.

Buy Concert Tickets OnlineConcerts.ws
The third website in my network is Concerts.ws. I did not start this site from scratch, but I have done some development on it myself and it is much larger now than the few pages it was when I bought it. Again, I liked the domain name so I bought it from the seller who had thrown up a few pages to get some Adsense earnings. This site has been kind of  a pet project for me and I used it as a testing ground to expand my knowledge of PHP development.  All of the subpages on this site (save for the few the original owner developed) are based on a PHP page structure I created. New pages are added pretty fast simply by adding the artist’s details to certain required fields in the artist’s database. This is my first database-driven site using PHP and, although it does not have a Content Management System (CMS) like all of us lazy fools have here on our fabulous WordPress sites, it has been invaluable as far as learning exactly HOW database driven sites are developed using PHP. I just think it’s so cool to be able to go into the database, add a few required fields and out comes a page like this–>Chris Daughtry Concert Tickets, which took me all of five minutes to produce. I can feel some basic PHP posts coming to satisfy the nerds (like me) in the audience. I use Adsense and the TicketsNow affiliate program to monetize this site. Read my next post to see how much this site makes.

Discount Musical EquipmentMusicGearPlus.com
This website is pretty much a ZZOUNDS Affiliate Site, although I do have some Adsense on it. I purchased this site about one year ago and just don’t have time to devote to it. The site is a database driven PHP site that integrates nicely with the musical equipment feeds from ZZOUNDS.com, but I really never promote it and it is still sitting with a PR0 on it due to my lack of attention to it. I may be unloading this site in the near future as I devote more time to this blog, Concerts.ws and another site I have in development. This site really needs someone who can write great reviews of the musical equipment that it is advertising. I do play guitar and bass, but I don’t have the time to review new musical products and post in-depth reviews and the site is definitely suffering due to this.

Paid Link Directory39j.net
Basically, this site is a paid link directory site that runs on a script the name of which I can’t remeber off the top of my head. It also has some Adsense on it. Since I had not been promoting this site recently, I decided to sell it and it has, in fact, recently sold. You may be wondering how much it sold for and I’ll tell you…in my next post in about a day or so when I post my first ever monthly income report. Come back then to read all the gory earnings details of my online empire.

So that’s it. Those are my affiliate sites. Since I have recent sold 39j.net and will probably try to unload MusicGearPlus.com next month, my intention is to continue to develop WebPersonalsOnline.com, this blog of course, and I really want to expand and promote Concerts.ws because I think that site has a lot of potential.  There certainly is a lot of competition in the online dating and concert ticket sites, but I was never one to let that stop me from trying my hand at making money in those areas and I still think that if you have a good site, a unique idea and promote, promote, promote you can earn money in in the more ‘saturated’ niches online.

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  • Looks like you’ve got a few money makers there Bill 🙂

    I’ve got a couple of sites that could potentially earn me lots but my lack of time and devotion is stopping that from happening.

    It’s good to see you’ve got time for these sites though, and I look forward to seeing just how much money you earn from them 🙂

  • I WISH I had more time to devote to these sites and promote them more. I really like creating content, but I absolutely hate the process of link exchanging and the other off-page stuff that Google values so highly.

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