Some people have asked me why I decided to start a blog and since I received this question more than a few times, I thought it would make a pretty good (and timely) post topic. By discussing my motivation I thought I could possibly inspire some of you to find your own motivation for doing… (0 comment)

One of the dilemmas we all face as bloggers is constantly coming up with new ideas and fresh content for our sites so that our readers have new posts to read and so that the search engine spiders come back frequently.  But while most (if not all) of us are always striving to be the… (0 comment)

We have all heard the popular catchphrase ‘Don’t Blog for Money.’  I often wonder if anyone actually takes the time to consider the much deeper meaning behind this very popular saying.  I can tell you this: I DO BLOG FOR MONEY as I’m sure many of you do, as well. I think one of the… (2 comments)

Just wanted to let everyone know that the WordPress 2.5 is now available to be updated using Fantastico.  I just updated in less than two minutes using Fantastico through my host’s cPanel and it was quick and painless.  I’ll post a more detailed guide later, but just remember to do the following before upgrading to the… (0 comment)

I have decided to take a break from my series of posts on Optimizing WordPress Blogs for Search Engines to say a few words about affiliate marketing.  This post is aimed mainly at beginning bloggers or to individuals who may also be new to affiliate marketing, in general.  Hopefully some of the ideas will be useful for… (2 comments)

In the last article in my series about ways to optimize your WordPress Blog for the Search Engines, I discussed how to verify that the all in one SEO pack plugin is working correctly on your blog.  In this post, I will discuss why the plugin may not be functioning properly and what to do if it is not.  The… (0 comment)

In my last post in this series about optimizing your WordPress Blogs for the search engines I discussed an essential SEO plugin for WordPress called the All-In-One-SEO-Pack.  In that post I discussed a common WordPress issue and talked briefly about how this plugin can help rid your blogs of that problem and optimize them for ranking… (0 comment)

Now that you have done a quick and easy install of WordPress using Fantastico and updated your default WordPress theme to a custom WordPress theme the next measures you should take to prepare your WordPress blog for earning money online all have to do with the minor (but necessary) modifications that are essential for getting your blog optimized… (0 comment)