Refocusing KillerIncome.net

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After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to refocus KillerIncome.net into a more targeted (yes, “niche”) blog devoted to helping other affilaites succeed at earning significant income online. This will no longer be a personal blog about my journey as an affiliate marketer, it will instead be more focused on discussing affiliate marketing techniques and the essential internet marketing tools that are required to implement these techniques, effectively.

Just as a prospector needs to understand certain techniques, such as ‘panning’ and must also understand the tools that are necessary to implement such a technique, affiliate marketers must understand the marketing techniques that can generate sales, as well as the tools that are necessary to implement these techniques. So, instead of digressing into topics such as how to install WordPress and what motivates bloggers, this blog is being refocused on its primary objective, which is to teach affiliate marketers ways in which they can explode their affiliate earnings by using proven internet marketing techniques and the necessary tools to be successful.

Along these lines, you may have noticed several small changes to certain areas of the blog. Below is a list of the changes I have made so far:

  • Updated tagline to represent the blogs new purpose
  • Updated the ‘About’ snippet to clearly state to visitors exactly what they can expect here
  • Created a free newsletter for KillerIncome.net, called Earn Killer Income Now, chock full of affiliate marketing strategies and techniques that affiliate marketers of any level will find useful and where subscribers will be able to access free tutorials not available elsewhere
  • Added a newsletter sign-up form where visitors can sign up for Earn Killer Income Now, the blog’s newsletter
  • Added the first of several pages, How to Presell, that will focus on the Fundamental Concepts of Affiliate Marketing. This new page is more than a typical blog-post-length article, it is essentially a mini-course in the technique of pre-selling, which is one of the fundamental techniques of affiliate marketing.

So those are just some of the changes I have made so far and you can expect several more over the coming months. But all of the changes, I feel, are for the better and they will all complement each other, as well as focus the blog on its main objective, which is really just to help other affiliates succeed. Stay tuned!

Comments (3)

  • I think you should keep your original focus of showingg how you grow as an AM/IM …considering your actual posted monthly earnings, you havent reached guru/teach other status yet..but it is very interesting to watch others success! I def wish you luck..but i think your blog would be more interesting the way it was…if you had an adsense ad, I would click it in gratitude

    but if you do start reviewing programs this one works well for me in this style site

    Sign Up for Pepperjam Network and Get a $10 Sign On Bonus

    yes, its an aff link, but it will hook you up with a ten dollar starter in your account..and they only do it through these type of links! its where ebay jumped to after cj

    good luck ill keep watching

  • Author

    Thank you for the constructive comment. A few things I should point out. When I started this site, the main focus was to ‘tell my story’ and not really to make money from this particular site. Of course, I do have affiliate links throughout this site, but earning money from KillerIncome.net was only a secondary objective. I earn the money from my other sites.

    What I saw was this site starting to rank OK for some affiliate-related terms, but the focus is diluted because of all my other non-related content, such as my SEO-focused posts and my Optimizing WordPress posts etc. Creating content not related to the primary keyword(s) of the site is fine for a personal blog, but not for a site that I want to rank well and earn income from.

    Also, about my income..I am not earning nearly as much now as I did several years ago, but I no longer own those sites because I sold them. I am now re-building my affiliate income and may still post income reports and so forth on this site, but the majority of the posts will be affiliate marketing related with more of a niche-focus with an eye on promoting 2 or 3 specific, excellent, affiliate programs that have products that I personally use on a daily basis and can endorse wholeheartedly.

    My knowledge of affiliate marketing, I feel, is pretty sound, but because I work long hours and am only now building up my content sites and identifying more niches, my income is still probably only around the $2-300 level. Yes, I agree that is not ‘guru’ status, but this is not my full-time job yet. The guys who do this type of thing full-time, and do it well, like Zac Johnson, will always have the upper hand on guys like me who are only able to devote a few hours per week to this.

    Anyway, I hope you still come by and I will probably start posting the income reports again at the end of this month (February).

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