9 Quick Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales From Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

It is really hard to sell products online. There are lots of online shops. It is almost unreal to grab the attention of the customers and convince them to purchase your affiliate products. If it is hard for you to elevate your sales, we have made a list of eight tips for you. Let’s jump into details.

1. Make a Sales Funnel To Get Leads

Search for the way to turn the visitors of your site into sales. To do this, you need an appropriate sales funnel. Look at any profitable blog that sells affiliate products and earns a passive income.

You will notice one thing in common: all of them have a sales funnel. The majority of affiliate marketing beginners forget about creating this funnel, though it may turn your visitors into buyers. If you still don’t have a sales funnel, create it immediately. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Create awareness: show your audience what you’re selling from your blogs. You can create an email list as well.
  • Build a connection: behave with your audience like with your family members. If you solve the problems of your visitors, they will buy your product. For this, use blog comments, emails or social media platforms.
  • Don’t force, recommend. If you force your audience to purchase something, they will not become buyers. Show visitors benefits from buying the product you recommend.


2. Show the Value of Your Products

If the audience does not believe that your product is useful, they will not buy. You should answer their question „What’s in it for me?”. If you can do it, you are on your way to affiliate success.

If not, you can try another tactic: propose some incentives exclusively for your buyers. It can be designing a logo or giving away your eBooks. Reward your audience to increase affiliate sales.

3. Don’t Promote Over 2 Products at the Same Time

Doing this is the time waste if you are just starting out. Firstly, you are just beginning. Secondly, it can confuse your audience. Only after describing your audience two products, you can promote them.

These products can be promoted in your banner ads in the sidebar top or at the end of your posts.

4. Develop Your Blog To Get More Sales

In the online world, the first impression is the best impression. In order to convert your audience to buyers, first, make them get used to your blog.

Even if your content is great, bad typography and messy design will spoil everything and deprive you of readers. The design is worth time and money investment. It will help you create an appealing design to elevate your affiliate sales.

5. Improve Your SEO

There is no sales increase without the help of search traffic. The majority of SEO experts have high qualifications and are always ready to solve problems.

Your product has to solve the readers’ problems. It also makes sense to spy for the keywords of your competitors and to embed some into your future posts to increase your traffic.

6. Trust is The Basis of Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, you should remember one thing: no one purchases from strangers, particularly online. People buy from those who they trust and know.

Build trust in order to increase sales. Show testimonials from your customers and include the logs of the blogs that have ever mentioned you. It will increase the level of trust.

If you don’t have any, try your best to get testimonials for your websites. You can also write guest posts for the most popular blogs in your industry to build your site credibility.

7. Use „Special Days”

Check whether you are subscribed to the emails lists of affiliate programs you promote. When they offer some discounts and bonuses, they send out emails to inform their subscribers. If you are their subscriber, you will be the first to get to know about them.

Every affiliate marketer that gained success spends his or her time during such special days as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas.  The majority of affiliate marketers offer big discounts to make their customer base wider.

8. Visuals Are Important

Have you noticed that top blogs invest huge sums into images, infographics and the overall design of the promoted products? This is because they know that nice visuals convert more.

When writing product reviews or something else related to the projects that your promote, ensure to craft good-looking images.

Never download images from Google, the majority of them are copyrighted.

9. Success Won’t Come Instantly

You should realize that affiliate marketing is not a get rich fast scheme. Every affiliate marketer that gained success will ensure you that passive income will not appear overnight.

You should develop a couple of important skills such as improving SEO skills, networking with the right people, and working hard to make a tribe that helps your business grow.

If you are working hard but don’t get sales anyway, you probably lack some of these skills or don’t give enough exposure to the promoted products. Every problem has a solution, so search for it and never give up. Persistency can help you get more affiliate sales.

These were top 9 tips on increasing affiliate marketing sales. If you have one of them or would like to share some other tips, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

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